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Siam therapy booking terms and conditions

Please read our terms and conditions before attending your appointment


Siam therapy is a small place so our space is quite limit. Therefore, we have to take a deposit to ensure all appointments are confirmed.

Also, since after second lockdown, we have had a trouble from many appointments that paid a £5 deposit but not turn up and it is too late for us to take other customers. This is not fair to us because usually we have just one therapist only so from 9th July 2021, we decide to charge a £20 deposit instead of £5 deposit.

Thank you for your understanding

**Please note :
  • Current professional guidelines that we must follow state that we are unable to provide treatments to those that are medically exempt from wearing face covering. 
  • All appointments have to accept our booking terms and conditions, including to wear a face-covering because the deposit IS NOT AVAILABLE TO REFUND if the customers refuse to wear a mask before receive a treatment. Please read our T&C and Covid-19 guideline before attending appointment**


Any bookings that make an appointment over 24 hours before treatment, need to make a payment of £20 deposit to confirm the appointment in 24 hours before a booking time or the appointment will be cancelled if overdue.

Same day booking

Any bookings that make an appointment in 24 hours or less before treatment, need to make a payment of a £20 deposit after booked an appointment or the appointment will be cancelled.

Gift voucher

If you have a gift voucher, just put the voucher number on a booking note if you book online or give us the voucher number if you book directly to us. The deposit will be charged to your gift voucher so you don’t need to pay a deposit.

**Please note:  the appointment will be cancelled or you have to pay a deposit if you don’t give us a gift voucher number.

How to pay a deposit ?

You can pay to through bank account (available for full payment) or contact us if you would like to pay by card:



SORT CODE             80-46-35

ACCOUNT NUMBER    16520069

*** if you would like to reschedule or cancelyou have to notice us in 24 hours before your treatment time for full refund***


Treatment important notes:

  • We do the professional massage only, the sexual suggestiveness may constitute sexual harassment and the therapist has the right to report the matter to the police
  • The cases of cancer may cause the disease to spread
  • Deep compression is not appropriate for high blood pressure, heart problems, Osteoporosis, diabetes and any kind of illness with fever
  • After meal less than 1 1/2 hour or drink alcohol less than 12 hours may cause to get sick
  • During a period has risk to get faint.

*** Pregnancy is  NOT  AVAILABLE  for our treatments. We  DO NOT  HAVE  a pregnancy qualify ***


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